Rainbow Unicorn Hooded Scarf

Trend alert!!! Everywhere you look… rainbows and unicorns!! And it is no different in my house, my almost six year old is completely obsessed. I am in the midst of planning a unicorn birthday party and have been asked relentlessly to make Unicorn everything!! The first of many unicorn projects is my super simple, rainbow Unicorn hooded scarf. The combination of back post stitches and using a larger 8mm hook makes the scarf super squishy and warm!

The pattern will fit a child approximately 5-10 years old, it is on the bigger side as I wanted to be able to layer a hat under it to be extra warm. If you would like to change the size, you simple need to increase or decrease the number of starting chains and the number of rows.


8mm crochet hook for both types of yarn

The hood uses a white chunky yarn, I used Spinrites tent sale chunky yarn.

For the scarf and mane, I used small amounts of leftover WW yarn in various colours and shades.

I did break a “rule” here and used a chunkier yarn for the hood and a variety of colours and brands of worsted weight for the scarf. Using a 8mm hook throughout actually worked out better than I expected. The hood is tight stitches to block the wind and the scarf is looser stitches, making it super squishy and snugly!


Gauge is not super important for this project and will change slightly based on the yarn you are using. It is made to fit a child age 5-10 years, but can be adjusted by changing the foundation chair or number of rows.


Find a full list and free printable of abbreviations HERE

Rnd/row — Round/Row

Ch— Chain

Slst —  Slip stitch

Sc — Single Crochet

Hdc — Half double crochet

MR — Magic Ring

St/sts — Stitch/stitches

Hdc — Half double crochet

Inc — Increase 

Dec — Decrease

FP — Front post

Rep — Repeat

FO — Fasten off


Row 1: Ch 42, hdc in 3rd ch, hdc in ea st, ch 2, turn.

Row 2-16: hdc in ea st, ch 2, turn.

Row 17: 18 hdc, 2 hdc dec, 18 hdc, ch 2, turn.

Fold with the start and the end of the working row together, sl st to join, FO, flip so right side is out and seam is inward.

Sl st to join at the back middle of the hood, work a hdc in the end of ea row, hdc in ea st and 2hdc, ch 1, 2 hdc in the corners.

FO, weave in ends. Fold back the front edge of the hood and tack a few stitches.


Row 1: Ch 43, join to the bottom corner of the hood RS facing, dc in ea st on the bottom of the hood, continue on with chainless foundation dc for 40 sts, ch 3, turn.

Row 2-29: Fpdc in ea st, ch 3, turn.


Ch 6

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, 2 sc, ch 2, turn. (3)

Row 2: sc, sc inc, sc, ch 2, turn. (4)

Row 3: sc, 2 sc inc, sc, ch 2, turn. (6)

Row 4-5: sc in ea st, ch 2, turn. (6)

Row 6: sc, 2 sc dec, sc, ch 2, turn. (4)

Row 7: sc dec twice, ch 2, turn. (2)

Row 8: sc dec, FO, use the yarn tail to close any large gaps and to shape the ear. Attach ears evenly to either side of the hood.


I have to mention, I used Caron party yarn in silver sparkle. I love this stuff and it is the perfect unicorn horn colour, the iridescent thread is the cherry on top if you ask me!

Rnd 1: 4 sc in MR, do not join, mark the first st of ea rnd. (4)

Rnd 2: *sc inc, sc* twice. (6)

Rnd 3-5: sc in ea st. (6)

Rnd 6: 5 sc, sc inc. (7)

Rnd 7: 3 sc, sc inc, 3 sc. (8)

Rnd 8-10: sc in ea st. (8)

Rnd 11: *sc inc, 3sc* twice. (10)

Rnd 12: sc in ea st. (10)

Rnd 13: *sc inc, 4 sc*. (12)

Rnd 14-15: sc in ea st. (12)

Rnd 16: *3sc, sc inc*. (15)

Rnd 17: sc in ea st. (15)

Rnd 18: *2 sc, sc inc* rep 5 times (20)

Rnd 19-24: sc in ea


To assemble, sew the ears approximately 6 sts apart, a few rows back from the front. Attach the horn in the center of the ears, slightly forward.

For the mane and scarf fringe. Cut 8” pieces, double them and loop them through, once they are as full as you’d like, trim them to the desired length.

🦄🌈🦄🌈🦄🌈I would love to see your finished project, share them with me on Instagram @made_with_love_and_yarn

I hope you enjoy! If you have any questions, concerns or corrections, please send them to my email at courtneylang22@gmail. com



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