Crochet Toy Baskets with Thrift Store Sheets

If you have your own tiny humans, you have most definitely organized toys. You have more than likely bought some fancy toy storage system that in the magic of play became a rocket ship with a child inside flying to the moon… then CRACK, not so fancy anymore. Or those really nice wicker baskets that match your decor and hide the toys but are also soooo much fun for a curious three year old to pull apart and decorate the carpet with!! Ohhh I’ve been there my friends!!!

The solution is cute, durable and basically free! I used an old sheet I had at the bottom of the pile (or head to the thrift store) to create the perfect toy storage basket for block sets, little people, play food, all those small things we need to contain!

You want something that has a bit of stretch and does not frey when you cut it. To turn the sheet into yarn, you’ll need to cut off any seams on the edges and use sharp scissors or a rotary cutter to cut a continuous 1” strip.

At the end of each cut stop 1” from the end, rotate the sheet and cut back in the other direction.

Next, you want to move along the strip and pull in opposite directions, the fabric will curl inward to create a tube that can be rolled into a nice yarn ball and crocheted.

If you find you tear the fabric and need to attach it together, cut a slit on each side, loop one end through the other and pull tight. Makes a strong hold and you won’t have to weave in so many ends

Once you have your big yarn ball made, grab your 12mm hook and lets get started! If feels a little awkward at first and am warning you, it’s a bit of a workout, at least for your forearms! So take breaks and stretch, so you can crochet again tomorrow!


Pattern Notes:

  • Worked in the round, sl st to join, ch 1 and do not turn at the end of each round
  • My finished basket measures a diameter of 8″ by 7″ high. You can easily adjust the diameter of the basket by adding or removing increase rounds to the starting circle. The height can be adjusted by adding or removing rows.
  • The handle will be used to hang the basket but you can skip it if you’d rather.


  • Rnd Round
  • Ch Chain
  • Slst Slip stitch
  • Sc Single Crochet
  • MR Magic Ring
  • St/sts Stitch/stitches
  • Inc Increase (2 in the same stitch)
  • Rep Repeat
  • FO Fasten off

Rnd 1: 7 sc in MR, sl st to join, ch1.

Rnd 2: sc inc in ea st. (14)

Rnd 3: *sc inc, sc* rep, sl st to join, ch1. (21)

Rnd 4: *sc inc, 2 sc* rep, sl st to join, ch1. (28)

Rnd 5: *sc inc, 3 sc* rep, sl st to join, ch1. (35)

Rnd 6: *sc inc, 4 sc* rep, sl st to join, ch1. (42)

Rnd 7: sc BLO in ea st, sl st to join, ch1. (42)

Rnd 8-13 : sc in ea st, sl st to join, ch1.

Rnd 14: sc, ch 5, skp 4 sts, sc in ea st, sl st to join, FO.

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Happy Hooking!


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©️2018 Courtney Lang (Made with Love & Yarn)