Guess what I get to do!

We had a fun Christmas with the kids and I am thrilled they loved their gifts made by mommy! Although, is always a little bit crazy and it makes me feel like I need a vacation from the holidays, especially since being a mom! And this year my awesome family got me a weekend trip away at Memories Manor in St.Claire, Michigan. An entire weekend of crafting, no tiny humans, no cooking and no cleaning! What more could a busy momma ask for?

Memories Manor is a beautiful Victorian Mansion Built in 1880, located right on the river front. Today it is a scrapbooking get-a-way, a beautiful inspiring place to craft. I have been known to dabble in many different crafts over the years before I found my love of yarn. Though the majority of visitors scrapbook and paper craft, they welcome all crafters. I had my yarn planned and packed pretty much immediately but I’ve been on the fence if I wanted to dig my scrapping stuff out of the basement! I finally decided to just bring my yarn and hooks because I honestly do not think I will use the scrapping stuff anyway! On that note, I think I might look into electronic scrapbook albums and start doing an annual books. I love the idea of scrapbooking but it unfortunately is not making it onto my crafting priority list anymore.

So tomorrow morning I am packing up my stuff in the car and I’ll be on my way across the border with my Mother in Law and Sister in Law for a relaxing couple days of inspiring crafting, good company and amazing food! Keep an eye on my Instagram and Facebook stories, I’ll share all the fun so you can see this amazing place!

Happy Hooking!