Memories Manor

Good Food. Relaxing. Creating. Chatting with friendly crafty people. My introvert self is happy to be home and I missed my littles like crazy but I definitely needed the time away. I had a wonderful stay at Memories Manor in Saint Claire, Michigan. I came back filled with gratitude for my little family and all the blessings I have in my life. It’s amazing how easy it is to loose sight of the little things in the day to day grind of life. When you slow down, take a little time, the positive shines brighter!

I got a few designs worked that were bouncing around in my head and I even got to meet and share some tips with a new crocheter working on her first dish cloth! I love that our hostess Jan and her team are so warm and welcoming.

Every season she updates the decor and menu, this was my first time visiting during the Christmas season. The manor has 6 Christmas trees, all decorated with their own unique theme and coordinate beautifully with the Victorian decor. The details in the mouldings and woodwork, all handmade is absolutely incredible! Just as much love and care goes into the details of your stay. Every meal has a different creative center piece and place settings. There are no words for the food, every bite is delicious, savoury and decant.

On Saturday night Jan brought out New Years hats, glasses and horns with our midnight snack to celebrate not only the coming new year but 10 years since Memories Manor opened their doors! It was so nice to let loose and laugh with some wonderful people. Thank you again to Jan and her team for welcoming me and my yarn to Memories Manor. We will see you again in October 2020!

Happy 10th Anniversary Memories Manor!