How many yarn Balls?? 2019?

Last year on New Years Day I wondered how many balls of yarn I used through out the year. I decided for 2018 to keep all my yarn labels, whenever I used a skein of yarn I added it to my zip lock bag collection. I also kept a list of projects on the iPhone reminders app. This was the first year I kept track of my projects and it’s cool to look back on what I accomplished and how much yarn I used! I couldn’t believe I used 106 balls of yarn, just knowing this gives me a strange satisfaction.

At the start of the year I started thinking about selling my crochet creations. I made a few hats and other small projects, but I honestly can not see myself making the same popular item over and over again, so scratch that idea! That’s when I discovered other makers on Instagram and Facebook, INSPIRATION OVERLOAD! Since then I have been working on getting better at writing patterns and learning all I can. In October I started brainstorming and researching. I worked up the nerve to build a WordPress site and post my very own crochet patterns. They are simple for my first Patterns but I have so many ideas building, I thought I’d share a little of what’s on my mind for 2019 and some goals I’d like to achieve.

I think the goal I am most excited about is getting my Crochet Instructor Certification from the Craft Yarn Council. I am so excited to learn all I can and share my love of yarn with others. I hope to share my experience with you on my blog and look forward to passing on all the knowledge I can!

Another big goal of mine is; continue to add to the small, simple collection of patterns on my blog. At this point I’d consider myself a beginner designer, still learning the ins and out, producing easy straight forward patterns. I want to push my self outside the box, conquer some struggles and grow as a fibre artist.

Up to this point I haven’t made very many adult garments, mostly because gauge and I have had some up hill battles in the past. But not anymore, I will not let gauge conquer me! My third goal is to study, learn, practise and apply gauge to make more wearables. I hardly ever make anything for myself and I’d really love a few handmade pieces for my wardrobe.

Looking back at 2018, I am so grateful for discovering the online fibre arts community. I had no idea there were so many people out there that love yarn as much as I do! Haha! I am sooooo looking forward gaining more knowledge, skills and inspiration!