Ana & Gracie Set by Crochet it Creations

A few years ago when the messy bun hat craze started, I made one for our niece and she loved it! She is almost grown up now, graduating this year and it no longer fits her. I’ve been mostly free-handing and writing patterns lately, so I decided to take a scroll on Pinterest. When I came across Crochet it Creations and her wonderful collection of Ana patterns, I had to make it! The pattern features camel stitch and front post stitches to create a texture that is more simple than it looks!

I opted to make a hat and scarf set with Loops&Thread Impeccable Charcoal Tweed that I have in my stash from last Boxing Day sales. It is gorgeous yarn, sophisticated and matches anything without sacrificing a splash of colour.

My first venture was the Gracie Messy Bun Beanie, it is the messy bun sister of the Ana Beanie that has a faux fur pompom. I am usually a pretty tight crocheter, as a general rule I tend to use a 5.5mm hook for Med Worsted Weight yarn even when a pattern calls for a 5mm. So I discretely skipped the gauge swatch and went with what worked it the past. Well, let’s just say I now have a new hat and it’s a good thing my head is freakishly large for a woman! So take two, I used a 5mm hook and it worked up a bit snug for me, perfect for the recipient!

Unfortunately, (or maybe fortunately) my lack of gauge swatch (and my new hat!) did require another trip to Micheals so I would have enough yarn for the Ana Infinity Scarf. I got so addicted to making this scarf, I spent most of a Sunday neglecting adulting to work on it. It also turned out so nice, I might have to accidentally buy more yarn to make myself one to go with my hat!

My favourite part of this pattern was the joining technique at the end of the camel stitch rows. At first I was so confused but the picture tutorial is super helpful. It allows the camel stitch to lay flat and creates virtually no gap, the join is almost invisible. Definitely a technique I will use again on other projects.

I definitely recommend trying out these lovely free patterns and I look forward to trying more patterns from Crochet it Creations in the future!

Happy Hooking!