Learning, Not Failing!

Coming out of the gate in 2019 I was super pumped to start tackling my crochet goals! I jumped on the ban wagon to make a sweater. I found the Butterbeer Pullover by Evelyn and Peter Crochet on Pinterest, the pattern is super cute and looked relatively simple, just half double crochets, no fancy stitch patterns to worry about and simple assembly instructions. Super excited about it all, I made 4 gauge swatches and they were just not working out quite right. Nothing was adding up properly, the more I tried the worse it got! Out of sheer impaitence and excitedment to get started, I just went with the recommended hook size on the pattern. Not a good idea since I also subsituted the yarn!

Since the yarn was slightly thinner, the hook smaller than I needed and my brain refused to process it all, my “first adult sweater” will most definitely not fit an adult. Unfortunately, the “ohhhh, I get it now” moment did not happen until I was about half way into the project, too far to turn back! I was determined to push through even though I wanted to throw it in the WIP graveyard that exists in the back of my closet!!

I am proud to say I pushed through and finished the sweater. Minus the hood because it is now my Mini makers sweater and she really has a thing against hoods on sweaters. Though she never takes her Rainbow Unicorn Hooded Scarf off… kids are so confusing! Haha

I wanted share my story with you to show that everyone makes mistakes, doesn’t always “get it” right away or gets overwhelmed with seemingly simple things! Even when it doesn’t turn out… DON’T GIVE UP! It’s not failing if you learned something along the way and let me tell you I learned a lot making this sweater. Mostly I learned, I will NEVER EVER start a sweater without a PERFECT gauge swatch ever again!! But I promise I will most definitely be making more sweaters!

Happy Hooking 💜

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