Double the Velvet Neck Warmer

When I first saw the velvet yarn trend online I was super intrigued, then I saw that it was hand wash and I was not sold. I tend to lean toward machine wash items because well… handwashing laundry (or dishes) sucks lol!Then I was browsing Micheals one day and I touched it…. Oh. My. Soft. So Soft! And the sheen is even more gorgeous in person! I knew immediately it had to to be a cozy neck and face warmer. Luxiouriously soft and cozy on your neck and face? YES PLEASE!

You can also find my Double Velvet Beanie that pairs perfectly with the neck warmer to keep you even more cozy!

I regrettably chose black for this project, it’s beautiful but man oh man, this stuff is the devil of black yarn! I must have started and ripped out the chain 15 times, trying both foundation chains and chainless foundation row. I had to walk away and come back to it a couple times but I eventually got used to it and a frustrating couple hours later completed my foundation row!

The rest worked up pretty smoothly, though I did find the silky yarn a little slippery, so I had to slow down and pay close attention to my tension. The drape is absolutely gorgeous, makes me really want to make a fancy little cardigan or cozy winter shawl. One layer did seem a little thin and airy for a neck warmer, so that’s how the double layer came to be. I am so happy with the result, I actually have to make another one because hubby tried it on and claimed it immediately lol. Well, actually he claimed it and requested a hat to match, so keep your eyes open because the Double the Velvet Beanie pattern is coming soon!


Double the Velvet Neck Warmer

Hook: 7 mm

Gauge: 4” square = 9 hdc x 7 rows


Rnd – Round

ch – chain

hdc – half double crochet

Sl st – slip stitch

at/sts – stitch/stitches

ea – each

BPsc – Back post single crochet


Worked in rounds, join to first st at the end of ea rnd. The neck warmer fits pretty snug around the face and neck if you prefer a looser fit just add a few sts to the foundation row.

Rnd 1: 50 hdc chainless foundation row, join with sl st to first st, do not twist.

Rnd 2-20: ch 2, hdc in ea st, sl st to join.

Rnd 21: ch 1, BPsc in ea st, sl st to join.

Rnd 22: ch 2, TURN, hdc in ea st, sl st to join.

Rnd 23-41: ch 2, hdc in ea st, Sl St to join.

Rnd 42: Place the 2 sides together, sc through both layers to close, Fasten off, weave in ends.

I hope you enjoy snuggling up to your cozy neck warmer on cold winter days. Make sure to follow my Instagram and Facebook so you don’t miss the Double Velvet Beanie coming next week!

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Happy Hooking!