BBQ Play Food Collection Part 2: BBQ Steak

Nothing say summer like a like a juicy, delicious steak grilled to perfection on the BBQ! Back to reality now, it's still pretty cold in March and BBQ is just not the same when it's eaten inside... am I right? So I have been living in summer fantasy land where the kids grill me a … Continue reading BBQ Play Food Collection Part 2: BBQ Steak

BBQ Play Food Part 1: Chicken Leg

The day is finally here to share the first part of my BBQ playfood collection. These patterns have been my baby for the last couple of months and they have all come together and I could not be more excited to share them with you! The first pattern is a BBQ chicken leg. It is … Continue reading BBQ Play Food Part 1: Chicken Leg

Leprechaun Headband

I was going through the kids dress up box and I came across the little Leprechaun Hat I Made last year for my mini maker to wear to school for St.Patrick's Day. Originally I wasn't planning to write up a pattern for St.Patrick's day but of course little brother wanted a Leprechaun headband too! So … Continue reading Leprechaun Headband

Getting Started with Amigurumi!

Amigurumi is the art of creating three-dimensional stuffed toys with yarn, most commonly using the craft of crochet. There is an unlimited amount of creativity and imagination with amigurumi. It is one of my personal favourites to create and design. And, I am warning you; if you dare to travel down the rabbit hole of … Continue reading Getting Started with Amigurumi!