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You may have seen over the past few weeks on Instagram and Facebook that I have been working on a collaboration project with other designers. This is my first collaboration project with other makers and designers, it has definitely been an roller coaster of emotions and learning! Between making countless versions of my own square and working together with the other designers to test and perfect all the patterns, it has tested my crochet skills, patience and drive to finish like nothing else! I am so excited to share all these beautiful and unique patterns with all of you. If you are looking for a project that will expand your skills, do not look any further! I promise you no matter your skill level you will learn something from this project. Each pattern is designed and written by a different designer with their own style of pattern writing and a little bit of themselves in each design. With many different stitches and textures, some in rows, some in rounds, you are bound to finish a project you are proud of! For more information, you can head over to Journey Chanel Designs to find all the details and supplies you will need.

Each week we will direct you to a new designer’s blog. Where she will share her square and the pattern. You can also head over to the Patchwork Mystery CAL Facebook Group to stay up to date on discussions and questions! I will also update this post with a link to the pattern and the designer, a photo of the current square that I completed, as well as a write up on my experience and any tips I have for completing it. I will be sure to share everything on Instagram and Facebook, so hop over there to give me a follow!

Go grab your yarn in any colours you choose and share with us using #patchworkmysterycal, I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Happy Hooking!


Week #1: Star Portal Square


To kick off the very first week, we have Stephanie Ware from Crochet Instinct. You can check out her Facebook and Instagram to see more of her beautiful designs. This design caught my eye and greatly intrigued my hook from day one! Though I do not have a lot of experience with overlay crochet, it has been on my to do list for quite awhile. Some beginner level crocheters may be a little intimidated by those tall stitches, but I assure you they are are nothing more than an extra yarn over and pull though. Just be careful if you are a tight crocheter, that you are not pulling the stitches to tight. If your edges are pulling in a lot, loosen up your tension a little bit. Lastly, watch out for those back loop only double crochets, I know I had to frog back a couple times after thinking I was in a groove and going though both loops. Muscle memory is such a funny thing! I hope you enjoy the first square as much as I did and that you learn a little something along the way too!

Week 2: Corner to Corner Cable Square


This week we have Jessica Beres from Crochet anything, you can find more of her work on her Instagram and facebook page. This week is a completely change of a pace from last week, as this square is worked in rows and finished off with a few rounds for the boarder. There is potential for learning two different techniques, both can look intimidating if they are new to you but I promise once you get past the first couple rows the concept is pretty simple to pick up. I personally have done cables and the block style corner to corner many times but the half double crochet corner to corner was new to me! The pattern recommends using a 5mm(H) hook, but going up a 5.5mm(I) if you are a tight crocheter. I would say I generally have tight to average tension but opted for a 5mm(H) Hook because let’s be honest it was already in my hand from the previous square. Though my square came out great, if was not 100% square and is slightly less than 12″. If you find you have either of these issues the lager hook size and being mindful to not pull your beginning chain at the start of each row too tight will help to work out either problem. Just like the previous square, blocking also makes a huge difference, but don’t worry if it’s not completely perfect, it will work it’s self out after joining 😉

Week 3: The Twisted Times Square


I am beyond excited to be hosting week 3 of the Patchwork Mystery CAL on my blog! I put all my heart in to this design and I hope you love recreating it as much as I loved designing it! When working on this square be sure to count the stitches of each edge after each row! A missed stitch (especially those hidden ones after you turn a corner) will throw on the rhythm of the front post and X-stitches. So if things are not adding up, count, count, count!! The biggest challenge for this square is mastering the x-stitch, but be careful because there are a couple variations, take it one stitch, one row at a time. The photos and video tutorials will be super helpful for the tricky parts. Thanks again to all that are participating and to the contributing designers, I would not be here if it wasn’t for you all! Enjoy!     

Week 4: The Lana Blossom Square


For week 4 we will feature Marianne Hamill from Sunset Knots and her beautiful Lana Blossom Square! I love this square and I am sure you will all too! This is one of those “back to the basic” patterns, using the majority double crochets and incorporating granny style stitches. It works up super quick and is a little more simple but the end result is far from looking simple or basic! My biggest tip for this one is to make sure you go up to a 5.5 mm hook as the pattern suggests, I did and my square was just under 12″. If you are a tight crocheter, really watch your gauge as you may need to go up to a 6mm hook. I can’t wait to see all the colour combinations with this one!

Week 5: The Pasha Square


For weeks 5 we will feature Shelby from Shelby Shea Stitches and her stunning Pasha Square! I had a lot of fun learning the bean stitch with this one, it was my first time using it and I just love the look of it, I already have ideas to use it in the future! I just love how this Square turned out but I have to admit, it did trip me up a bit at first because it is written a little differently than I am used to. You really need to read over the notes carefully with this one or you will be all kinds of confused. At first, I had a hard time wrapping my head around the number before and after the stitch concept but once I got on a roll it all came together pretty quickly. I highlighted the number before/after in different colours and it helped me keep the 2 straight. I have had a lot of fun learning and seeing the different styles of writing patterns and this one was no exception. I look forward to seeing all the puff stitches in every colour of the rainbow!! 

Week 6: The Garden Gate Square

Yeah!! We are half way there with week 6! This week we welcome Desiree from Tangerine Door Creations with her Garden Gate Square! There is so much fun texture in this square using a some techniques we already learned from the previous squares and a few new ones! It was my first time using the Sedge Stitch, it is quite simple once you get the hang of it but I just love that she incorporates the black loop only in the following round to really make the stitches stand out! I think the colour choices for this square will really change the look and what textures really standout! I had a lot of fun with this one and I hope everyone else does too! 

Week 7: Fairy Wings Square

For week 7 we have Anastasia from Journey Chanel Designs sharing her Fairy Wings Square. This week is extra special and filled with gratitude for me because without all of Anastasia’s hard work none of this amazing project would have been possible. It all started with her idea and bringing all of us designers together. She has dealt with many speed bumps and triumphs on behalf of all of us over the last few months and deserves all the thanks we can give! Now on to her absolutely gorgeous square design, that incorporates her signature fairy wing stitch. I admit, it was a bit of a challenge at first but WOW the results are absolutely breathtaking! The photo tutorial and video will be very helpful through the first few rounds and after that it is very simple and works up quickly. I know you will love this square and please help me and the other designers thank Anastasia for all her hard work by following her, you won’t regret it!

Week 8: Spring Pathways Square

For week 7 we welcome Claudia from Crochet-a-La-Dia. This square is worked in rows and has up some incredible texture. Claudia will be featuring her square on her Instagram and Ravelry. Be careful with some of the skipped stitches in this square, especially when working into chains. There are some tricky spots, I have put together a photo tutorial as an additional resource, so check out that if you need a visual. As always, Sammi has done a video tutorial and you can connect with us to ask questions over in our Facebook group! Don’t forget to share your photo’s in the week 8 album, as designers our favorite part is seeing all the beautiful colour combinations created with our designs! 

Week 9: Belle’s Enchanted Garden Square

One of my favorite parts of the crochet community is that thousands of people from all over the world and share their love of crochet. This week we have an awesome example of community and working together. Two of our designers have come together to create a square and the results are beautiful. I really enjoyed working on this square. There are parts that I whipped through quickly and parts that gave me a bit more of a challenge, I love that combination! The more difficult part for myself was the gorgeous leaf in the corners. They are a challenge but well worth it, the video will help greatly if you get stuck. As always, don’t forget to share your take on this weeks square in the Facebook Group

To stay up to date with discussions and questions, head over to our Facebook Group. Don’t forget to share your project with us using #patchworkmysterycal on Instagram and if Ravelry is your jam, you can find us on there too! 

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