Essential Amigurumi Tools

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I love me some amigurumi! So when I saw the #AmiguruMAY Instagram challenge I was totally in, you can find all the fun in my Instagram story highlights! Day 3 was all about amigurumi tools, while I was doing my mini Insta photo shoot I was inspired to write a blog post and share all my favorite amigurumi tools with all of you! So here is goes! I hope you enjoy, head over to Facebook and Instagram to show me what your favorite Amigurmi tools are with #madewithloveandyarn! Now on to talking about what tools I think are essential to making awesome amigurumi as easy as possible!



The coolest thing about amigurumi is you can use the cheapest, scratchiest yarn and still make something awesome. In fact, in many cases the stiff yarn actually helps to hold a particular shape more effectively! I personally like to use medium worsted weight yarn in many brands and colours. I roll my leftover yarn into cakes and hang them on my diy peg board so I can see all my colours at a glace 😉



Stuffing or poly fill is whats going to give your amigurumi shape, so unless you are making a puppet… it’s pretty essential! I am making a confession here…. I often use old pillows. We replace our pillows once a year, so I wash the old ones, dry them extra well, cut’em open and reuse the fillings! I just can’t in good conscience throw away that perfectly good (not so cheap) stuffing. If you’d don’t have any pillows to dissect, you can get some ploy fill stuffing over here.



Amigurumi consist of tight stitches, so you are going to want a smaller hook than what is called for on the yarn label. My all time favorite hook set is the Clover Amour, amazing hooks with no hand pain and I can crochet SO MUCH FASTER than with traditional steel hooks. For Amigurumi I like to use a 3.5mm, 3.75mm or 4mm, depending on the yarn and the look I am trying to achieve.


Stitch Markers

This is a big one! Stitch markers are absolutely essential for amigurumi, no question! I don’t care if you use fancy handmade makers, a bobby pin or a scrap piece of yarn… just use something, trust me! My favorite markers are the little plastic locking ones, easy to open and move while they don’t snag your yarn.


Darning Needles

With an afghan or a scarf you *could* weave in your ends with a hook but with amigurumi a darning needle is essential to close your openings and sew all your pieces together. I love the little case I have to hold all my darning needles in one place as I was always losing them before I had it. I also have my yarn cutter pendant attached to it. It is not essential but super handy!


Row Counter

I love my little row counter ring, it has saved me a ton of counting over the years. You could use a note pad or your brain (haha!) But this is definitely more convenient and fun!

Safety Eyes

There are many techniques out there for creating eyes on amigurumi (I could write a whole blog about that, and I just might!) The easiest fool proof way is with safety eyes. You can create realistic looking eyes in seconds, easy peasy!



This might be an obvious one, but I think it is still important to mention. I do a lot of sketching and note scratching, especially when I am designing Amigurumi. There is nothing worse than finishing an arm or leg and realizing you forgot to jot down what rows you added decreases and you now have to make one to match… oops! I have a note book and pencil in my WIP bag at all times but I also like to record the patterns I design in Evernote. It is super handy and when I decide to publish or remake a pattern, it is all in one place so there is no digging through old note books!

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Well, there you have it! All my favorite essentials for creating Amigurumi toys! If you are new to amigurumi you can find some tips and techniques in my Getting Started with Amigurumi blog post.  I have a few amigurumi patterns available and you can head over to Instagram and Facebook to see more of my creations. Give me a follow because I have some super fun amigurumi patterns currently on my hook that I will get to share with you soon!

Happy Hooking!


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