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This is a creation I made before I even started my blog. It was a Christmas gift for our nephew, he adored it and so did my kids, so I ended up making a few of them. Originally, I just designed the collar and bandanna. It was my mini makers idea to make different dress up clothes for the pup and I knew she was on to something. The ideas stated flying from there, I have a list a mile long of outfits the kids say their pups need. The first collection includes the pattern for the Pup, a collar, a bandanna, a ball cap, a super hero outfit and a princess dress and crown. Be sure to keep an eye out for more dress up pup outfit patterns to come in the future! You can find the crochet pattern for the dress up pup and costume collection in my Ravelry and Etsy Shops. Thank you in advance for your purchase, every pattern sold supports my blog and allows me to continue to write and share patterns with you.

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The Puppy on its own is a relatively basic amigurumi design of single crochets, increases and decrease. I added a cardboard toilet paper roll tube in the neck for extra support. You could also use plastic canvas or rolled up cardboard instead. The arms and legs are lightly stuffed and attached flat, this gives them a bit of a floppy look. I also did a little face shaping, to create an eye socket, giving a more realistic look. I do this by going back and forth between the eyes with a darning needle.  This technique is difficult to explain with photos and writing. I am super excited to share with you that I am working on my VERY FIRST video tutorial on the techniques I use for assembling amigurumi and how I do face shaping! Since it is my first go at video, I am not sure on the time frame but I promise I will share it as soon as possible!

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The collar and bandanna pattern for the Pup is quite simple to work up. I have provided 2 options for the fasteners. You can sew on a button and use a space between the double crochet row as the buttonhole. The second option is to use hot glue to attach small pieces of velcro. I did a few of each in different colours, both give a different look and help develop different fine motor skills for the little ones playing with them!

untitled design-3

The little pup ball cap is probably my favorite of this collection. My little man ALWAYS has a hat on (I have to take it off after he falls asleep at night lol), so obviously his Puppy needed one too! If you find your pups hat is too large or small, simply go up or down a hook size. Everyone’s tension and stuffing technique varies slightly, so the fit depends on that as well.

untitled design-4

Both my littles love to play super hero and ”Save the Day”! So Puppy got a mask and cape! Depending on the colours, you can completely change the look of your pup! My son chose black like Batman and my daughter wanted purple for a girl superhero, both turned out great!

untitled design-5

In my kids dress up box there are a countless princess dresses, in many different colours. So I, of course, had to make a princess dress and crown. You can easily customize the look of your dress by adding more or fewer rows to adjust the length or by changing colours as I did for the rainbow dress. There are lots of options to make different dresses for hours of fun!


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Don’t forget to keep you eye out for the upcoming video on how I assembled my pups and head over to my Ravelry or Etsy Shop to purchase your copy of the DRESS UP PUP pattern that includes all of the accessories in the above photos! If you love this pattern, head over to my Facebook and Instagram to see more of my creations and stay up to date on all my new patterns! You can also find more awesome photos of the Dress up Pup from my testers on my social media. Don’t forget to share your creation using #madewithloveandyarn, my favourite part of designing is seeing others creations using my patterns! Thanks again!

Happy Hooking!


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