Halloween Throwback!

Every year since becoming a proficient crocheter I have made my kid’s Halloween costumes. Where we are in Canada, Halloween is often very cold, so I nice warm costume made with yarn is perfect to stay cozy while trick or treating. This year will be my fifth year creating crocheted costumes, it has become a tradition in our family and one of my favorite things to make. This year I have been sharing my costume making journey with you on Instagram and Facebook.

Through the years we have had coordinating family costumes, which is always a big hit! This year the kids have picked characters from a new movie that came out this past summer and is also my all time favorite movie from my childhood… Any guesses?

Peppa Pig

All the costumes I have made were done free hand with only rough notes for things I had to make more than one of. I had been crocheting a few months when I made the Peppa Pig costume. I used all single crochet with simply soft yarn, it took FOREVER! Especially since it included not only a dress and hat, also matching mittens and leg warmers. It was worth it, she looked soooo cute.


The second year we had a new a little brother, so I needed to make two costumes! We had a lot of fun that summer going for walks playing Pokemon Go. My daughter who was three at the time decided on popular Pokemon characters Pikachu and Ratata. I was a bit more experienced and had less time with a baby around so these were done in double crochet, with a hat and sweater. The tails were definitely the hardest part for both of them!

Frozen Family

The third year we got the whole family involved, we were all dressed up as the ever so popular Frozen gang! My daughter was OBSESSED with frozen for the longest time, she was Elsa of course, my son was Olaf. I wore an Anna hood and daddy had a blond Kristof wig. It used super fun fabric sparkle spray for the Elsa costume and it was a huge hit! We got a ton of dress-up use out if these ones even after Halloween was over and I have even lent out the Elsa dress for Halloween last year!

Mario Bros

Last year was definitely my favourite, a lot of love went into turning my little family into Mario Brothers Characters, a game we all love to play! My daughter was princess peach, my son was villain Bowser, I wore a crocheted Mario hat and Daddy a Warrior hat. Many, many hours went into the details of the kid’s outfits but the most time costuming was the peach wig. It was a very, very long process but well worth it in the end. I may have to do a tutorial blog post one day of how I make yarn hair wigs!

I hope you enjoyed the walk down memory lane with me! I have been diligently working on this years costumes, head over to Instagram or Facebook to see if you can guess what I have up my sleeve this year!

Happy Hooking!


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