Collective Crochet Together

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Collective Crochet Together is a group of Designer’s that have come together to build a community of crocheters. We had so much fun bringing you the Patchwork Mystery CAL, we have decided to share a CAL with you each month. Every project will be diffetent from garments to market bags to amigarumi. Each month we will direct you to the designer’s blog. Where she will showcase her design and share the pattern.

Our goal is to have fun, crochet together, help everyone learn new crochet skills and enjoy this wonderful craft together. Head over to our Facebook Group to interact live with the designers and other crocheters working on the crochet-a-long projects. If Instagram is your thing you can find us sharing teasers and updates over there too!

Now for the exciting part of introducing the lovely contributing designers. I encourage you to check out their blogs and follow on social media, you won’t regret it 😉

Courtney Lang from Made With Love & Yarn

I am so happy to be a contributing designer for this wonderful community! I hope to bring a cutesy flare with fun wearables, Amigurumi and bright colours! You can find more of my original designs and tutorials here on my website. To stay up to date on my content follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

Anastasia Smith of Journey Chanel Designs

We all have Anastasia to thank for getting the ball rolling on this entire collaboration. It all started because of her idea and incredible leadership. Anastasia is busy mommy of 4 girls and is always finding time to come up with incredible wearable designs to share on her Journey Chanel Designs blog. Her posts on Instagram and Facebook are always catching my eye with incredible texture and originality!

Stephanie Ware from Crochet Instinct

Stephanie Ware from Crochet Instinct loves to share her passion for crochet projects and designs on her blog. Like many of us, Stephanie turns crochet to cope with stress and anxiety. She loves crochet for the creative expression and colour play. Her favourite type of project is lace crochet, but still wants to fo all the projects! Head over to Instagram and Facebook to see all the beautiful, detailed work by Stephanie.

Desiree Krahn from Tangerine Door Creations

Desiree from Tangerine Door Creations loves to create fun and easy patterns, that she shares on her blog. A mix of adorable and functional, her favorite project is hats! Check out her Instagram and Facebook for fun textures, colours and coffee! Three cheers for coffee and crochet love!

Marianne Hamill from Sunset Knots

Marianne from Sunset Knots is a mommy of 2 that sneaks in crochet time at bed and naptime! Check out her blog for beautiful patterns of cozy scarves, blankets and accessories! You can see her love of colours and floral patterns on her instagram and facebook feeds.

Susanna from Fosbas

We welcome the newest designer in the community Susanna from Crochet Fosbas. You can find designs for beautiful garments to useful household makes on her blog. Check out her Instagram and Facebook to see her love of stunning warm, neutral colours.

Sammi Leighton from Hook, Wine & Stitches

We are excited to have Sammi Leighton from Hook, Wine & Stitches with us graciously bringing you video tutorials for each of our patterns and maybe a design too! 😉 To see more of Sammi’s beautiful work check her out on facebook and Instagram.